Hello! We Are Harmony

Harmony is using cutting-edge biotechnology to change the way we do baby nutrition

This Is Our Baby Formula

Built upon breast milk components, it is safe, healthy, and complete with all the nutrients your baby needs

A New Path of Baby Nutrition and Care

We are moving away from cow’s milk and toward a formula naturally designed for humans

Join Us To Improve The Lives Of Babies and Parents

Introducing Harmony We proudly present our company that will revolutionize baby nutrition.

Harmony Baby Formula
Delivers Top Quality Nutrition
With All The Key Attributes

Hypoallergenic by nature

Breast milk is entirely hypoallergenic, unlike cow’s milk. Built using human milk components, Harmony is easily digested, causing no rashes, no tears, and no stress, all without sacrificing excellent, human-based nutrition.

Harmony Is Made
Using Safe Technology

PROTEIN FARMING EXPLAINED Del Afonso, Founder and CEO: how tech can be used to develop a more natural formula

And Replicates Real
Breast Milk

Our formula mirrors the changes naturally seen in breast milk, something that cow’s milk formulas cannot do.


Baby Steps: From
The Lab To The Bottle

Led by expert scientists and top infant nutrition professionals and innovators, Harmony is well equipped to handle the road to market.

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Meet the Harmony family

Del Afonso


Del is a baby nutrition expert, researcher, and entrepreneur who has spent over 15 years treating babies with dietary restrictions. Moreover, he is a parent. Father to a wonderful son and beautiful CMA daughter, Del’s drive to start Harmony comes from his family.

Dr. Neil Schauer


Neil is an expert in all things concerning recombinant protein technology. With over 35 years experience as an executive of top pharmaceutical companies, he has passed multiple compounds that he has developed onto FDA approval.