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A Parent with a Dream: Better Baby Nutrition and Peace of Mind

carter | February 4, 2022 | 6:39 pm

Harmony began with Del Afonso, a parent who spent countless sleepless nights worrying about the nutrition of his children. His infant daughter suffered from cow’s milk allergy and his wife was having trouble breastfeeding, so their feeding options were very limited. With 15 years of experience creating specialty formulas for allergic babies and surrounded by an exceptional environment for innovative biotechnology at MIT, Del knew there had to be a way to create a better infant formula: One that is easy on babies’ stomachs while letting parents rest easy knowing that their child is very well nourished.

At MIT, Del learned that it is possible to grow human breast milk components in a lab, and instantly Harmony was born. He knew he had found the basis for the better infant formula he was looking for. Now, Harmony is bringing together nature and technology to provide the innovation that the outdated baby nutrition industry needs. With a hypoallergenic formula that provides nourishment using breast milk components that replace the need for cow’s milk, Harmony is setting the new standard for care and nutrition.

As a company, Harmony is built upon three major pillars:

1) We embrace science, innovation and technology to make our lives easier and healthier.

2) Though we love our technology, what really matters to us is providing care, nutrition and support to babies and their families.

3) We want to make a positive impact on the planet by eliminating the need for cows, or any livestock, to feed our babies, replacing them with easy, healthy, ethical, and sustainable solutions.

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