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Addressing Shortcomings in the Infant Formula Industry

anne | January 31, 2023 | 10:48 pm

Over the past year, the infant formula shortage in the U.S. has brought attention to how desperately the industry needs revamping. Recently, Del Afonso and Dr. Neil Schauer sat down with Brinc to discuss the critical and non-negotiable need for alternative options beyond traditional dairy and soy-based formulas, especially for babies with cow’s milk allergies.  

“Harmony’s infant formula will provide the same nutritional value of human breast milk without the allergic reactions that commonly occur with conventional, cow’s milk-based, infant formulas.” Del Afonso, Founder & CEO 

A solution to address this problem is by means of precision fermentation, the technology that Harmony is utilizing to create a more nutritious, dairy-free formula that is based on components bioidentical to human breast milk.  

“After all, breast milk is made for human babies, and cow’s milk is made for calves” – Dr. Neil Schauer, Ph.D, Chief Scientific Officer 

While precision fermentation presents an incredible opportunity to create healthier alternatives in the baby nutrition space, there are still a few steps that lay ahead before Harmony’s formula reaches the market. These factors include meeting infrastructure demands, receiving regulatory approval, and achieving consumer acceptance, all of which Harmony is actively working toward in order to bring the safest and healthiest formula for our most vulnerable population.  

To learn more about how Harmony is changing the game for infant nutrition and what steps are next for the company, check out Brinc’s full article: