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Breast Milk-Based Formula: The Next Step in Infant Nutrition

carter | April 1, 2022 | 9:09 pm

A breast milk-based infant formula is the clear next step in the evolution of breast milk alternatives. Using modern science, Harmony can produce breast milk proteins and other components that are identical to those found in breast milk, so cow’s milk-based alternatives are no longer needed. 

Parents have always needed an alternative to breast milk because, let’s face it, breastfeeding an infant for every single meal has never been realistic for every mother. For over 150 years, humans have been trying to adjust cow’s milk to make it closer to human breast milk to make it an acceptable substitute. The result is the standard infant formulas we know today. However, no matter what additives and adjustments are made to cow’s milk, it can never really get close to human breast milk. With Harmony’s technology, our formula is much closer to breast milk than a cow’s milk-based formula ever could be. 

Harmony Baby Formula is a complete infant formula that is revolutionizing the baby nutrition industry by using human breast milk components instead of cow’s milk. Using a technological process called precision fermentation, we grow components that are identical to the components found in real human breast milk, which we use as the nutritional basis of our formula. By using human breast milk components instead of cow’s milk, Harmony is naturally hypoallergenic, promotes a healthy microbiome, and mimics the changes that naturally occur in breast milk as infants grow.  

The goal of infant nutrition has always been to bring breast milk alternatives as close as possible to the real thing. Harmony is taking a big step forward in this mission by eliminating the need for cow’s milk in infant nutrition, in favor of better nutrition provided by breast milk components. 

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Photo by Ajay Suresh