Cow’s Milk Is For Calves

Harmony is using breast milk components to create baby formula naturally designed for humans

Every year, 24 million babies born worldwide will suffer from allergies related to cow’s milk formulas. That’s because cow’s milk is made for calves, not infants, yet cow’s milk is the basis of most infant formulas. With an allergic baby, it is hard to find a nutrition solution that brings comfort and peace of mind. Using breast milk components, Harmony is built for humans and contains no allergens.

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With Harmony, parents can be confident that their baby will receive the human nutrition needed to grow. A majority of Harmony’s components match those in breast milk, eliminating the need for cow’s milk. It is healthy, hypoallergenic, non-GMO, and most of all, safe. Harmony is a complete formula with nutrition built into breast milk by nature, rather than imperfect substitutes in cow’s milk.

Cow’s Milk Allergy:
The Facts

Hypoallergenic at its Best Harmony is better for allergic babies, without the side effects or reactions. more

Why Harmony

Your baby does not have the same nutritional needs as a calf. If your baby drank only cow’s milk, he/she would be severely malnourished, because cow’s milk is not designed to meet the nutritional needs of a human infant. The major problem with baby formula is that it is based on cow’s milk which has been adjusted to merely “make it work” for babies. Harmony is solving this problem by replacing cow’s milk with human breast milk compounds, the nutrition solution that nature designed for infants. The human-based formula comes with a lot of nutritional benefits that you do not see in cow’s milk, in that it promotes a healthy microbiome, it is naturally hypoallergenic, and it is easily digestible.

Harmony is a naturally hypoallergenic formula without the drawbacks seen in other hypoallergenic formulas. Allergies are triggered by foreign proteins, and by using only human breast milk proteins instead of proteins from cow’s milk, Harmony’s formula is naturally hypoallergenic. Standard hypoallergenic formulas work around this issue by chemically breaking down, or partially digesting, their cow’s milk proteins. In doing so, they diminish the nutritional value of the proteins, and thus the formula, as well as cause the formulas to release an awful smell and taste. Harmony makes none of these sacrifices to be hypoallergenic while even more closely matching breast milk than even the standard formulas.

Just as breast milk is built to be digested easily by our babies, Harmony’s breast milk compounds do the same. Parents do not have to worry about causing gastrointestinal issues or stomach pains when their children consume Harmony. On top of this, the breast milk components promote a healthy infant microbiome, which both strengthens their immune system as well as boosts their digestion and ability to absorb nutrients.

01. What are common food allergies among infants?

The most common allergies among infants are cow’s milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, fish, and shellfish. It is possible to be allergic to just about any food, but this list is the main ones to look out for.

02. Can breastfeeding trigger allergies?

Yes. Although the contents of breast milk does not trigger allergic reactions, mothers pass things they take in from their environment to their baby through breast milk. While this is excellent for building the baby’s immune system, if the mother is consuming things that the baby is allergic to, such as cow’s milk, those allergens will be present in her breast milk, causing an allergic reaction in the baby.

03. How come Harmony does not trigger allergies?

The proteins in human breast milk are designed by nature to be easily digested by infants and they do not trigger allergic reactions. Since Harmony’s formula uses the same, easily digestible proteins as breast milk, it does not trigger allergic reactions either.

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Harmony Baby Formula is the natural solution your baby needs to grow without the consequences of cow’s milk.