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Infant Nutrition Innovators: Del Featured in the FrieslandCampina Ingredients Early Life Nutrition Panel

anne | February 17, 2023 | 9:08 pm

Harmony is excited to share that our CEO & Founder, Del Afonso, was invited to a panel discussion hosted by FrieslandCampina Ingredients on early-life nutrition. Alongside other professionals in the industry, Del speaks about the emerging technologies in early-life nutrition and creating the ingredients of the future.  

Historically, dairy has played a major role in infant nutrition, with the first traces of dairy-based infant formula dating back to 1867. In the present day, we continue to see that cow’s milk is still the primary basis for the majority of infant formulas available. While cow’s milk-based formulas were once the standard of care, scientific research has demonstrated that there is an urgent need for something better – something closer to the liquid gold of human breast milk.  

With food allergies on the rise, 1 out of every 6 babies suffers from cow’s milk allergies, leaving parents and families scrambling to find a hypoallergenic formula. Unfortunately, current hypoallergenic formulas that are available on the market have many drawbacks, including a fetid smell and taste. The lack of developments in the infant nutrition space has left cow’s milk allergic babies with few options, but Harmony is changing this reality to upgrade the standard of care for hypoallergenic formula.  

Check out the FrieslandCampina Ingredients panel discussion to hear more about the way Harmony and other companies are utilizing technological advancements to revamp the early-life nutrition space.