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Introducing Dr. Robert DiGregorio, D.O., Head of Regulatory Affairs

anne | October 12, 2022 | 9:38 pm

We are excited to introduce Dr. Robert DiGregorio, D.O., Harmony’s Head of Regulatory Affairs. Robert is a physician executive benefitting from 4 decades of experience in healthcare.  He served as the Global Head of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs at Nestle Nutrition and the VP of Regulatory Affairs at Pfizer after beginning his regulatory career in drug development with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals in the Women’s Health Therapeutic Area. Prior to his regulatory work, Dr. DiGregorio enjoyed a successful medical practice as an obstetrician-gynecologist in the Philadelphia area. Robert has worked with the FDA and global regulators on innovations in the medical, nutritional, and infant formula industries. At Harmony, we are ecstatic to have Robert’s expertise guiding our regulatory strategy and accelerating our path to bring our infant formula to market.   

As a new and innovative biotechnology company, Harmony especially recognizes the importance of working with regulatory agencies to ensure that we meet all requirements and guidelines to ensure that our products are safe and deliver top notch nutrition to infants. Ultimately, our promise is to create not only a safe and nutritious formula, but also the most biologically similar formula to breast milk. 

At Harmony, we only settle for the best, and our team of experts is no exception. Our experts have years of executive scientific and regulatory experience and are creating the highest quality and safest formula possible.