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cow's milk allergy

Parents and Scientists Converge to Create a Better Solution for Allergic Babies

carter | January 13, 2022 | 11:37 pm

Del Afonso, Harmony’s Founder and CEO, is extremely experienced in the world of infant formula, spending over 15 years creating specialty formulas for a variety of different dietary conditions, including cow’s milk allergy (CMA). More importantly, however, Del is the father to a cow’s milk allergic baby, giving him a personal connection and drive to create a better formula for all babies, especially with dietary restrictions such as CMA.

Over 95% of infant formulas are made from cow’s milk and these formulas trigger allergic reactions in over 17% of all babies worldwide. That is a huge proportion of babies, more than 1 out of every 6, that cannot consume standard formula. The current specialty formula options for these babies can reduce the chances of an allergic reaction, but create a whole host of other issues in doing so.

Being the parent of an allergic baby is very challenging. Having your baby break out into a rash, vomit up everything they eat, or seeing blood in their diaper can be outright scary. To know that you may have to switch to a formula with nutritional sacrifices makes matters even more daunting. Every day, we at Harmony draw inspiration from our scientific and parenting experience to create a formula that makes nutrition and allergies one less thing to worry about.

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