The Ideal Baby Formula

By using breast milk components, Harmony Baby Formula more closely matches breast milk than any formula on the market.

Harmony Baby Formula The nutrition solution that will change the lives of babies and parents. more

The Next Step in Baby Nutrition

Harmony Baby Formula is a complete infant formula that is revolutionizing the baby nutrition industry by using human breast milk components instead of cow’s milk. Using a technological process called precision fermentation, we grow components that are 100% identical to the components found in real human breast milk (learn more about this process on our Science Page).

Using human breast milk components creates many benefits with Harmony. We can build a very natural and complete formula with a clean and simple ingredient list that goes beyond organic by providing the exact components infants were meant to consume. Additionally, the breast milk proteins we match have a top nutritional profile and are naturally hypoallergenic.

Chosen With Care We only accept the highest quality ingredients for Harmony’s formula

The Importance of Ingredients

Harmony baby formula has a very clean label, meaning we only select natural ingredients to match those found in breast milk wherever possible. While other formulas will use artificial ingredients like corn syrup as their source of carbohydrates, Harmony uses lactose, the sugar that is naturally present in breast milk.

By including only the breast milk ingredients that your baby is meant to consume, especially the Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMOs), Harmony promotes a very healthy infant microbiome, essential to your growing baby. A healthy microbiome strengthens the immune system, and boosts digestion and the ability to absorb nutrients.

Harmony promises full transparency of ingredients by providing the exact contents of our formula, their purpose and sources. We realize that reading infant formula labels is very challenging, and we are here to help make this process easier for parents.

Full Formula Delivering all the natural ingredients your baby needs to grow. Photo by: The Natural Nipple

A Natural and Complete Formula

Harmony Baby Formula is a complete baby formula. This may sound like marketing jargon, but it is actually a technical term that means Harmony is fit to be the only source of nutrition for your infant to grow properly. If a mother does not breast feed for any reason, she can instead feed her baby only with Harmony, which delivers all the nutrients required for proper infant development.

Human breast milk proteins are very valuable to the healthy growth of your baby. We want to give you direct access to this value with our complete formula, which can be shipped directly to your home.

A Step Further Our ingredients are as nature created them and match the infant diet nature intended

Beyond Organic

Harmony goes beyond organic by growing components that exactly match their counterparts in breast milk. Because nature intended infants to consume solely breast milk, our components, which are bioidentical to those in breast milk, are actually more natural to a baby’s diet than the components from organic cow’s milk. 

Many parents require organic ingredients for their children. Following this need, a majority of Harmony Baby Formula’s ingredients are identical to their breast milk counterparts, and for the parts we cannot match, we obtain only from natural, organic sources. About 15 years ago, we started to see the organic revolution in baby nutrition. Parents looked at infant formula and realized that so many of the ingredients were not even related to breast milk or baby nutrition, and started to move toward organic formulas where the correlation to breast milk was clear.

Babies are meant to consume only breast milk, making Harmony more natural for babies than cow’s milk formula.

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No More Side Effects No need to worry about allergic reactions or adverse effects seen with other formulas

Naturally Allergen Free

By replacing cow’s milk with human breast milk components, Harmony is allergen free without the drawbacks of other hypoallergenic formulas.

By using human breast milk proteins, Harmony’s formula is naturally hypoallergenic. Allergic reactions are caused by foreign proteins that the body mistakenly tries to combat. However, it is impossible for humans to be allergic to breast milk proteins because nature has designed them for human consumption. Because Harmony uses only breast milk proteins, you will not have to worry about seeing your baby suffer from food allergies.

This is a large step ahead of current hypoallergenic formulas. Using chemical treatments, they partially digest the protein to make it hypoallergenic, which reduces the nutrition and microbiome benefits the formula provides to your baby. Breaking down the proteins also causes a terrible smell and taste, which is so bad many babies will not even consume it. There are soy based formulas as well, but the phytoestrogen in soy can cause hormonal issues later in life, during puberty, and many babies that are allergic to cow’s milk are allergic to soy as well.

Environmental Impact Research has shown how Harmony’s tech can lead to a greener future in infant formula production (Pope 2021, Smith 2019)

A Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Formula

By eliminating cow’s milk from the production of infant formula, Harmony can generate up to 82% fewer greenhouse gases than traditional formula.

Harmony’s baby formula is more sustainable than other formulas, as we have entirely removed cows from the equation. Our hypoallergenic formula is created via a process known as precision fermentation, which not only creates human breast milk components but also eliminates the need for dairy farming completely. This significantly reduces carbon emissions that are otherwise produced in cow’s milk-based formula.

The traditional process of using cow’s milk to create formula is detrimental to our environment. The production of 1 kg of baby formula is estimated to contribute around 4 kg of CO2e (greenhouse gases) toward climate change (Smith 2019). Producing 1 kg of formula requires around 6.6 kg of raw cow’s milk, which is problematic, as dairy farming and the infant formula industry are some of the largest contributors to environmental issues. From emitting methane and other significant greenhouse gases to requiring land clearings resulting in a global loss of biodiversity (Pope 2021), dairy farming is hurting the planet at a concerning rate. In 2015, the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) and the Breastfeeding Protection Network of India reported that toddlers’ formula was the largest product contributing to these greenhouse gas emissions (Smith 2019). It’s time to change that. 

With Harmony’s baby formula, not only are you feeding your baby the most biologically similar formula to breast milk, but you are also feeding them the most sustainable formula on the market that will help create a greener future for them.