Next Generation Of Baby Food

Harmony is using biotechnology to bring innovation to the heavily outdated baby nutrition industry.

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A Next Generation Company

Built by parents, Harmony is not just about formula. It is setting the new standard for family care, support, and nutrition.

Harmony was created by a parent with the dream of better nutrition for his own children. Over the last 3 years, the company has grown to use science that brings the benefits of breast milk to babies worldwide.

Del Afonso has been creating specialty formulas for cow’s milk allergic babies for over 15 years. Starting in 2017 at MIT and its exceptional environment for biotechnology, Del has been perfecting Harmony’s science to produce breast milk components in a lab. His strategy has always been to pair nature and technology, bring innovation to the outdated baby nutrition industry, and to support that innovation with new standards of care for all babies and parents, with or without cow’s milk allergies.

Harmony Baby Nutrition has three pillars:

1 – We embrace science, innovation and technology to make our lives easier and healthier.

2 – Though we love our technology, what really matters to us is providing care, nutrition and support to our babies and their families.

3 – We want to make a positive impact on the planet by eliminating the need for cows, or any livestock, to feed our babies, replacing them with easy, healthy, ethical, and sustainable solutions.

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Next Generation Infant Nutrition

Infant formulas have been made of cow’s milk for over a century. Harmony is bringing in the new basis for formula.

The baby nutrition market is ready for disruption. For over 150 years, we have been using the same technology to create infant formula for our babies. To create formula, we have taken cow’s milk and added some ingredients to make up for some of the nutrition it lacks, but cow’s milk still serves as the core, making up about 95% of formula. Harmony is challenging this. Although cow’s milk was a good option 150 years ago, we now have far superior technology and we no longer have to use milk from another mammal to feed our human babies. 

The technology Harmony is using to create human breast milk components has been around for quite a long time, but Harmony is the first one to apply this safe and well known technology to baby nutrition. We are truly innovators in a space that has needed it for decades.

The future of breast milk alternatives is based on human breast milk, not cow’s milk, and Harmony is taking the first big strides to begin this transition by growing breast milk components. In roughly 15 years, we will have the technology to create mammary cells that will produce breast milk in its entirety. In 50 years, it is possible that families can have breast milk dispensers in their homes, like a coffee machine. But this transition to human based nutrition starts with the work Harmony is putting in right now.

“The need for change comes from parents. They need better formulas and support from baby nutrition companies” – Del Afonso

Raising the Bar Elevating the standard of nutrition for babies now and in the future

Next Generation of Babies and Parents

Parents require better formulas for their babies, and the current options do not meet their expectations.

This generation of parents is ready for the change to breast milk based alternatives. They need something better than the current formula options. Harmony is not trying to innovate just because it is possible for us to create something new, we are innovating because we see a clear need and desire for better nutrition.

As parents, we are more involved than ever in raising our children. We are paying close attention to our babies’ growth, we are reading formula labels, and we are scrutinizing every ingredient in everything we feed to our babies, ensuring that they get only the best. 

It is clear that there is a huge gap between what we are looking for in baby nutrition and what currently exists, because every time we look at a formula label, we worry. Now that our generation is more informed as parents, it is not okay to give our babies the same ingredients that the market still deems acceptable, like corn syrup and palm oil. Our standards for nutrition have risen significantly, while formula has remained the same. Harmony is here to address the need for a better solution.

Harmony is composed of a team of industry leading experts in all areas of baby nutrition and innovation.

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