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Changing Baby Nutrition for the Next Generation

carter | February 8, 2022 | 8:27 pm

As parents, our standards for baby nutrition have risen dramatically in the past few decades, yet the infant formula options available have remained the same. We are more involved than ever in raising our children, paying close attention to our babies’ growth, reading formula labels, and scrutinizing every ingredient in everything we feed to our babies, ensuring that they get only the best. But every time we try to pick out an infant formula, we worry.

It is clear that there is a huge gap between what modern parents demand and what they have available to them. The current generation of parents are far more informed about baby nutrition than ever before, and it is not acceptable to feed our babies the same ingredients that have been used in the past, such as corn syrup and palm oil. Parents’ standards have risen drastically, yet these subpar ingredients remain a part of the common formulas we see today.

The need for change comes from parents, and Harmony is here to make that change. We are not trying to innovate just because it is possible for us to create something new, we are innovating because we see a clear need and desire for better nutrition. It is high time that baby nutrition has caught up to the science we have available to us, and the world is ready for the shift to breast milk based nutrition.

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