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The Big Idea Podcast: Food, Featuring Harmony  

anne | February 3, 2023 | 10:55 pm

Recently, our CEO & Founder, Del Afonso, appeared on The Big Idea Podcast: Food to discuss why he founded Harmony and the issues with hypoallergenic formulas currently available on the market. As a dad of three with one cow’s milk allergic baby, Del knows firsthand the struggles of finding a formula that works allergic babies while still delivering satisfactory nutrition. The biggest issues with many hypoallergenic formulas such as hydrolyzed and amino acid-based are that they are still dairy-based and often have a putrid taste and smell. Other options, such as soy-based formulas are also inadequate, as many have raised concerns about how the formula contains phytoestrogen, a hormone very similar to human estrogen. Additionally, many babies that are allergic to cow’s milk will also be allergic to soy. Thus, trying to formula-feed allergic babies can be incredibly difficult and stressful.  

So how does Harmony come into play? 

At Harmony, part of our mission is to deliver peace of mind to families with cow’s milk allergic babies, which is why our team is working tirelessly to develop a tasty and hypoallergenic formula. Rather than using cow’s milk, the basis of our formula will be made with components that are bioidentical to human breast milk.  

Tune in to The Big Idea Podcast: Food to listen to our CEO & Founder discuss the groundbreaking change that Harmony is bringing to the infant formula industry.