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“It Sounds Amazing!” Read What Parents Are Saying About Our Baby Formula

carter | February 22, 2022 | 9:23 pm

Although Harmony Baby Formula is not yet available on the market, parents are already showing their excitement! Here is what some of them are saying about our upcoming formula based on breast milk components:

“Non-GMO and hypoallergenic caught my attention because those are some of the components that many other products lack, but what excites me the most is that it’s a breast milk protein based formula!” 

Melissa Ramirez, Breastfeeding Mother

“I think it sounds amazing! As a mom of kids who had dairy issues (3 of my 4), I was constantly in a panic trying to find the right type of formula to feed them without causing GI problems.”

Abby Ludwig, Mother of Two Sets of Twins

“This would make feedings much easier for supplementing while breastfeeding, especially if this formula is most similar to breast milk, and it would ease my mind about possible allergies.”

Leah Levy, Plant Based Mother of One

“I was definitely hesitant to ever give formula because my son had a dairy intolerance and I couldn’t bring myself to give him something that had corn syrup solids as the first ingredient and I would love to have an option I felt was close to breast milk to supplement with when needed.”

Karole Galster, Mother of a Dairy Intolerant Son

“I think that this is a fantastic concept. As a mom who had milk allergies for both kids (and breastfed as well as formula) it was really stressful to find a clean formula for my kids.”

Katie Breard, Mother of Two

“Harmony’s concept of a breast milk-based formula without all the additives of current formula on the market is truly great.”

Anya Machala, Mother of Two Cow’s Milk Allergic Daughters

“It being close to breastmilk and having protein that mirrors the changes breast milk goes through seems like amazing technology.”

Sylvia Wakefield, Plant Based Mother of One

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